Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Mission District, San Francisco.

As a person of color and therapist, I am committed to social justice. I recognize that there are systems in place that often work against marginalized individuals and communities. While trauma impacts people from all walks of life, its impact is often greater on people on the downside of power. I am dedicated to the disruption of these systems, healing and transformation.

I specialize in play therapy with very young children (0-3 years old) and work with trauma impacted individuals and families. My work is collaborative, strength-based and focused on raising resilience. I work to empower individuals and families, and am committed to working together for social change both in and out of my office.

Martha Merchant, PsyD


Relationships – the ones we have with others, with our work, with our bodies – provide the context for our lives. These exist in the broader context of our communities, and are often impacted by social structures. As we go through life navigating these contexts, our strengths and our difficulties are highlighted by our external world. I believe that we must attend to the whole context of the person, home, family, school, work as well as their community in order to make change. With curiosity and reflection we can work together towards transformation.



In our adult partnerships we learn and love so much! And when things aren’t going well, we hurt a lot, too. Most of us do not receive an education in conflict resolution, or even how to be in a healthy partnership. In my work with partnerships – queer, straight, poly – I hope to increase their skills and help them find their way back to the love that brought them together.



Our relationships with our children are integral – for their development and ours, too. When children come in for therapy, I am committed to helping the family as a whole to find ways to support one another, whatever shape it may take. I will work with families and children to increase skills as well as understanding the deeper causes of whatever difficulties that present to us as symptoms. I also work closely with the school team in developing and sharing skills and goals for the child.